Why We Love “Get Ready With Me” Videos?

Originating on YouTube in the 2010s, “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) videos have been around for a while. However, since the advent of TikTok, reels featuring influencers getting dressed, drinking coffee, and doing their makeup have become one of the biggest trends on social media. But just why do we love GRWM reels so much?

Feel Closer to Your Favorite Content Creators

Bare-faced, sleep-rumpled, and yawning, first thing in the morning is when we are usually at our most vulnerable. And the same goes for the celebs and influencers we admire. GRWM reels give us an intimate insight into the daily lives and routines of our favorite content creators, showing them less filtered and polished than the usual ‘perfect’ standards we see on social media.

A Soothing Escape From Stress

Designed to be comforting, familiar, and repetitive, GRWM reels provide a soothing escape from the stresses of our own lives. For a minute, you can escape into someone else’s morning and watch them doing calming, mundane tasks like putting on moisturizer, sipping tea, and choosing which clothes to wear.

Be Inspired to Upgrade Your Own Morning Routine

And of course, you can’t watch GRWM reels without picking up a few tips. From which skincare products to buy and which new hairstyles to try, to a new yoga flow or matcha latte recipe, GRWM videos might influence you to change up your own morning routine.

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