Why Audiobooks Are So Trendy Nowadays

When it comes to audio-based content we consume on our digital devices, the main thing people go to is music—or at least, that’s the way it’s been for ages. But over the last few years, a new form of entertainment has taken hold of the world: audiobooks. Here’s why it’s become super trendy nowadays and why it’ll only grow from here.

The New ‘Book’

It’s unfortunate to admit, but our generation simply doesn’t read books as much as the older ones did. Luckily, audiobooks seem to have provided a bit of consolation. Sure, people may not be “reading” the actual books, but at least they’re listening to the stories. Perhaps the newfound popularity of audiobooks is our modern generation’s way of saying that we all still need our stories—even if it’s not necessarily consumed in the same way.

The Spoken Word

Similar to the rise of podcasts, the audiobook boom has shown that people love listening to the spoken word. It used to be that when you popped on your headphones, the main vocal output was singing to you. But now, people are perfectly happy listening to people just… well, talk.

Similar to how we loved stories being told to us as a kid before bed, this is essentially what audiobooks are. But now, our “bedtime story” can be told at all times of the day.

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