When Your Room is a Mess, Your Mind is a Mess

So often in this day and age you hear inspirational speakers spouting out general statements that seem to offer wisdom, and yet you often suspect whether or not there’s any substance to them. Ironically, this is the nature of this article’s very title—but we’re excited for the challenge to make a believer out of you right now. Here’s why when your room is a mess, your mind is a mess, and why this is important.

No Man is an Island

A popular saying is that “no man is an island”, and this is true with so many things in life. It’s true when it comes to our peers, and it’s certainly true when it comes to our environments. We’re influenced by a messy room for the worse, just like we’re influenced by a neat room for the better.

This idea is expanded upon when we’re the cause for our room being messy or not. Not only is our mess cluttering our minds as much as our room, but we blame ourselves for this clutter. This affects us deeper than we may realize, which is why it’s so crucial to clean our rooms as often as possible. It can seem like a major drag, but it’s shocking how positively profound the impact can be as a result.

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