3 Fun Fitness YouTube Channels For People Who Hate Working Out


Working out on a regular basis isn’t an easy task, especially if you hate exercising from the bottom of your heart. If you feel this way, you probably haven’t found the right fitness routine just yet. YouTube can be a great source of motivation and it all starts with finding the right channel, with fun workout videos for people of all fitness levels.

Grow with Jo

This YouTube channel was founded by Johanna Sophia and her positive energy is so infectious that her workouts are simply impossible not to love. Whether they’re 10 or 30 minutes long, Jo will help you make it through with her words of encouragement and the catchy music she included in each workout.

The Fitness Marshall

Speaking of YouTube workout videos choreographed to the beat of your favorite songs, The Fitness Marshall is sharing some of the very best. He’ll convince you that dancing definitely counts as a workout, even if it’s just for a duration of a single song.


Emily Thorne of EmkFit is one of YouTube’s biggest rising stars in the world of fitness, and she deserves all the attention coming her way. Her dance cardio workouts are often inspired by our favorite musicals, retro songs, and artists, and they’re as beginner-friendly as it gets.

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