What is Body Neutrality?

You’ve probably heard a lot about body positivity but you may not have heard of the Body Neutrality Movement. Body neutrality teaches us that instead of focusing on loving or hating our bodies, we should simply accept them as they are and stop seeing our bodies as determining our self-worth.

So What’s Wrong With Body Positivity?

There’s nothing wrong with aiming to love your body. However, the pressure to LOVE your body at any size, when society is constantly telling us it doesn’t fit into the “perfect” standards set by social media, can be overwhelming and counterproductive. Striving for body positivity can also encourage us to keep focusing on our physical appearance, rather than important inner qualities.

How Do You Achieve Body Neutrality?

Your body neutrality journey may take years and that’s okay. A few starting points could be…

  • Focusing on what your body can do for you.
  • Spending less time getting ready and wearing comfier clothes.
  • Focusing on the physical and mental health benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, rather than weight loss goals.
  • Embodiment activities such as yoga, dance, swimming, and walking in nature.
  • Complimenting friends on things other than their appearance.

What Are The Benefits of Body Neutrality?

Practicing body neutrality may help to lower your stress and anxiety levels, increase your intuitive skills and empathy and boost your mood. It can also help give you a more positive and healthy attitude to diet, exercise, and self-care. Body neutrality may also free you up to spend less time on worrying about how you look and more time on your hobbies, career, and relationships.

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