Want to Achieve Kourtney Kardashian’s Wedding Look? We’ve Got All the Secrets!

The Kardashians are queens when it comes to style, so naturally, we’re all ears when one of them is willing to share her tips on looking flawless. Kourtney Kardashian resembled a dream when she recently walked down the aisle to wed Travis Barker in Italy. The make-up artist responsible, Leah Darcy, is now letting us in on how to achieve the magical look. 

It’s All in the Timing

Before make-up can be applied, it’s important to prep the foundation it will sit on—AKA your skin. “Make sure to do all of your stronger skin treatments (lasers, peels, etc) at least two weeks before your wedding day to allow your skin to heal and purge any impurities or breakouts,” Leah told Poosh. She also recommends not trying out new products or treatments close to the big day in case your skin has a bad reaction. 

Puff, Puff, Pass

No one wants to look puffy in pictures (even Diddy let the name go!) Ice is the easiest way to calm down puffiness, but can also cause redness if applied directly to the skin. Keep a bowl of ice cold water and a clean washcloth on hand, or place a jade roller in the fridge ahead of time. 

Where There’s Smoke

“We went a bit smoky in the crease and lighter on the lids, with a touch of liquid liner for a classic look,” Leah said of Kourt’s eye make-up. If you’re looking for more drama, Leah is all about mixing lashes. “I love using individual lashes because they’re almost undetectable and make it easy to layer and customize. I cut pieces of a strip lash and layered the pieces throughout.”

Waterproof or Bust

Wedding days are emotional! To avoid your mascara running, make sure to use a waterproof version. Leah goes so far as to suggest that other products should be waterproof too: “Waterproof everything! Mascara, lipstick, and even brows.”

Keep in Touch

The day is long, so keep a touch-up kit on hand to correct any mishaps that may have occurred. “In mine I like to keep pressed powder, lip liner, lip gloss, Q-tips, tissue, blotting papers, toothpicks, mints, and a mascara spoolie,” Leah says. 

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