Use This Hack and Never Have Clumpy Mascara Again!

There’s nothing that will ruin a perfect makeup look like clumpy mascara. It happens to everyone, you’re trying to make your eyelashes look a little bit longer or thicker, so you think, “Just one more coat of mascara can’t hurt”. But when you add that extra layer, it definitely didn’t help–in fact, it just got a whole lot worse. Your mascara clumped!

Now that it’s clumped, you’re probably freaking out, so you run your mascara wand through again, trying to remove the clump, but then it just clumps even worse. Essentially you just go down a spiral of making it worse when you were just trying to make it better. You might even consider washing it all off and starting over. 

Thankfully, there’s a better way! The problem with clumpy mascara is that we often try to fix it with a wand that has more product, which is why it always gets worse. So, here’s the hack: wash an old mascara wand so that it’s completely free of product and leave it to dry. Once it’s dry, you have a wand to use after you put on your mascara, but this one is only for separating the lashes! Next time you get a clump, put down the real mascara wand and take out this clean one to fix it.

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