Are You Walking Enough Throughout the Week?

Perhaps you’re someone who’d like to engage in more physical activity, but you simply don’t have the time. Or maybe you have the time, but you’re just so overwhelmed with every going on in life and find yourself incapable of prioritizing it. These things are about as common as ever, but perhaps one of the reasons you’re not realizing your goals is that they’re too high. Maybe you should set the bar lower, and by that we mean finding time to walk more.

Walking is an Excellent Exercise

You might think that it’s some kind of a joke, but it’s actually far from it. Walking, while not on par with jogging or sprinting, is still a great form of exercise and nothing to be laughed at. By engaging in a few half-hour power walks per week, you may find yourself feeling fitter, healthier, and more relaxed as well.

More Communal

Not only that, but walking is an activity that’s a lot easier to share with family members. So if you couldn’t make time to run because you didn’t want to leave your kids alone, why not bring them along for a walk? This kills two birds with one stone because you’re both getting your exercise in and also watching them at the same time.

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