Turning a Light On Can Improve Work Performance

We’d like to think that our performance depends on nothing other than ourselves. We’d love to believe that nothing can affect us. But while it is true that we’re in control over our own destiny, it’s quite irresponsible to think we’re not vulnerable to external factors—or that we can’t benefit from external factors. This brings us to our main point, which is that if you tend to work in the dark a lot, it may be time to consider turning on the light.

Subconscious Glow

Sometimes we can be in such a drone-like mindset that we don’t even consider turning on the light when we start our workday. Okay, if you’re in an office with others, the light is probably on. But if it’s just you, you might forget to turn it on from time to time. You might neglect it, considering it’s beneath you.

But when you turn on that light, it’s not just the physical electricity that’s turning on. It’s the electricity within your mind and soul. The very nature of a light turning on allows us to tap into that bright part of our energy. As a result, the mere act of turning a light on can actually help us improve our performance in ways we could never imagine!

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