Tips to Make Blue Eyes Brilliant

If you have blue eyes, you probably already know how blessed you are. Due to blue eyes being a recessive gene, only 8% of the world’s population sport orbs the color that match the sky. It would be almost insulting not to take advantage of the genetic gift by making those peepers pop. Here are three ways how. 

Let the Universe Take the Wheel

Remember color theory back in art class? If not, it’s time to refresh your memory. Shades that are on opposite ends of the color wheel compliment each other best. In blue’s case, that is orange, so think peachy tones, bronzes, and shimmery beiges with a touch of pink. 

Emphasize What Your Momma Gave Ya

Of course, color theory is only one option. An excellent way to make blue stand out is to add, well, blue! Go wild with blue eyeliner and even blue mascara to make your eyes look as big as the ocean. 

Say No to Yellow

Whereas browns and oranges are cheerleaders for blue eyes, yellows and greens tend to take the team down. Some metallic shades can also have the reverse desired effect, as can purples and reds that are too bold. While silver is usually lovely, be wary of gray as this can result in your baby blues coming off dull. 

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