Trying to Declutter Your Phone? Make Sure to Delete These Types of Photos

When trying to declutter your phone, it’s always a good idea to kick things off with your gallery. It’s likely that you have thousands of photos on your phone that are eating up your memory, and many of them happen to be useless and unnecessary—starting with these three types of photos that deserve to be deleted ASAP.

Repetitive Photos

You know that feeling when you try to get one good selfie and end up taking 50 useless photos in the process? We’ve all been there, but there’s really no need to hold onto them. Go through the photos, determine which ones are the best, and delete the rest to free up space on your phone.


Screenshots probably don’t take up as much space on your phone as repetitive photos, but they’re just as useless. Look through them, figure out if there’s anything worth keeping, and get rid of the rest.

Photos of Other People

Do your friends and family often ask you to take their photos with your phone? If that’s the case, your gallery is probably cluttered with their photos, not just your own. If you’ve already sent these photos to them, there’s really no need to hold onto them, unless you’re also in the photos.

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