Top Tips for Job Searching When You’re Unemployed

Job searching when you’re trying to deal with the demands of your current job can be hard. Job searching when you’re unemployed can be even harder. Beat the job search blues with these top tips.


When you don’t have somewhere to go in the morning, it’s hard to find the motivation to stick to a routine—but having a routine will keep you on track and keep you from feeling adrift. Get up at a regular time, change your clothes (even if it’s just into a different loungewear set!) and find somewhere outside of your home to work.

Time Management

You can’t spend ALL your time job searching and applying. Set time limits on how long you can spend on LinkedIn each day, and stick to regular working hours when working on applications.


Tell everyone—your friends, your neighbors, even the barista in your favorite coffee shop—that you’re job hunting! You never know where a connection might lead.


Spending hours every day scrolling through job postings isn’t going to make you feel positive or inspired. Switch up the activities you do during the day. Grab a coffee with a friend, head to a museum for an afternoon, spend time on your hobbies or do some volunteering.

Be Kind to Yourself

Getting rejected over and over is HARD and very likely has nothing to do with you! Don’t beat yourself up if that interview didn’t go exactly as you’d hoped—treat yourself to a brownie instead. Take some time to regroup and try again. Remember, every try is a triumph!

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