How to Choose a Cozy Wool Sweater

Winter has arrived, and all we want to do is throw on a cozy sweater and sit by the fire. This winter, you can’t go wrong with getting comfortable under a nice wool sweater. The shops are packed full of choices for soft, warm and comfortable wool sweaters at the moment, so take some time to see which styles suit you best. Start investing in clothes that will last you for winters to come with these tips.

What to Consider

When buying a wool sweater, the best thing to check is the fiber content—you want to find a piece that is made of 100 percent wool as it regulates your temperature and keeps you both warm and cool. Pure wool also doesn’t shed in the wash and lasts for a long time, making them genuinely sustainable over other synthetic materials.

Types of Wool

There are four types of wool choose from. Merino wool is thinner and softer than most types of wool, and therefore might be the most comfortable to wear. Cashmere is also super soft and fine, which is why it’s considered the most luxurious of wools (and has a luxurious price tag too). Mohair wool comes from angora goats and is used in light and fluffy knitwear. And lastly, Swedish wool has many variations, with some sweaters having coarser wool, while others are long and lustrous.

How to Care for Wool

If you want your garment to last a long time, you do not need to wash it so often. Instead, use a garment freshening spray or even hang your sweater in the bathroom whilst you shower so the steam freshens it up. Most washing machines have a ‘wool setting’ so check the washing instructions on the sweater’s label to see what method of washing is best.

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