Top Tips for Combatting Work-Related Anxiety

Whether it’s imposter syndrome, fear of failure, or feeling nervous around senior colleagues, there are plenty of times when everyone feels anxious at work. However, if you feel your work-related anxiety is affecting your performance and quality of life, it’s time to make a change. Here are some top tips for combatting work-related anxiety and feeling more positive at work.

Talk to a Trusted Colleague

Talking to a trusted colleague about how you’re feeling can be super liberating. They may offer suggestions, good feedback, or even just a supportive listening ear.

Ask for Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not coping, it’s okay to ask for help! Everyone has a work pile on top of them sometimes and it’s not a sign of failure.

Keep a Tidy Work Space

This might seem unimportant but it’s amazing how much difference a tidy workspace can make. Take some time to organize your desk and you should feel calmer and more in control.

Time Management

If deadlines give you anxiety, be proactive about your time management. Make to-do lists, use time management apps, and set yourself mini-deadlines to plan your time effectively.

Celebrate Successes

Each time you succeed at work, take some time to celebrate yourself before moving on to the next task. Even if it’s just making that phone call or sending that email you’ve been dreading, be sure to acknowledge it as a triumph!

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