Top Luxury Brands to Look Out For in 2023

The demand for luxury brands had dominated the fashion industry worldwide. These luxury brands influence fashion trends everywhere and decide what will be popular that year. Here are our top three luxury brands that we are excited to see in the next fashion season.


This Parisian ready-to-wear brand was established in 2013 but exploded this year when they sprayed a dress onto model Balla Hadid, which went viral.


This brand was established in 1978 with the idea of creating the most innovative jeans. Since then, they have started creating pieces beyond jeans and denim. They’re making a big comeback with their new pieces, shown in the SS32 fashion show, which showcased miniskirts and big belts.


This family-owned brand has been a favorite for many years. This year, they dominated the fashion scene with their bags and boots. With their new Chief Executive Officer for the brand, it will be exciting to see what they create in 2023.

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