Our Favorite Hailey Bieber 2022 Looks 

In our opinion, Hailey Bieber will forever be the queen of street style. And yet, she’s our favorite versatile star, since she also knows how to kill every red-carpet look. Let us look at our top favorite Hailey Bieber outfits in every setting of 2022.

Her Barbie Moment

Just like everyone else, Hailey hopped on the Barbie trend that took over the summer. She slayed the trend in a tight pink dress, paired perfectly with chunky white boots and silver chains to tie the outfit together.

Hailey in Brazil

While visiting Brazil with her husband Justin Bieber, she took a Brazil soccer shirt and made it sexy by pairing it with baggy khaki trousers. She elevated the look by adding gold body chains around her hips and thick gold bracelets and sunnies.

New York Lover Forever

Hailey loves New York, and she slays every look while in the Big Apple every time she goes. Earlier this month, she was spotted wearing a dress with an oversized fluffy jacket in New York. She accessories this look with tights and sunnies to give it an edgier vibe.

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