Top Design Tips For An Open-Plan Home

If you happen to have an open-plan home, it can feel intimidating to think about what to do with all of the empty space you have in your house. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are some top design tips to help you make the most of your open-plan home.

Use Rugs

By placing separate rugs in the living room, entrance hall, and dining room, you’ll be able to give that sense of separation between different areas. Also, it becomes easier to design each section if you have a rug to act as a central point.

Color Is Key

Because it can feel overwhelming to be in an enormous open space, consider using different colors in each area to differentiate between them while still making sure they complement each other. By using different colors, you’ll feel a separation as you move between each room.

Create A Focal Point

One easy way to differentiate between different zones is by creating a focal point in each one. Examples include a fireplace in the lounge, a chandelier in the dining room, and a coffee table in the living area where the television is.

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