Top 3 Tips for Keeping Travel Envy in Check

Summer is usually that part of the year when we have to scroll through countless photos from other people’s fancy vacations on social media. It’s pretty natural to experience travel envy during this time, but if this feeling persists all year long, here are a few useful tips that will help you deal with it.

Clean Up Your Feed

If you have a habit of following a bunch of travel bloggers who are constantly jet-setting around the world, it’s time to clean up your Instagram feed. Their job should be to inform you about beautiful places around the world and inspire you to hit the road. If they’re not doing that and just making you feel jealous instead, it’s time to unfollow.

Change Your Mindset

It’s important to remind yourself that social media is not the real world and everyone only posts about their most exciting moments. When it comes to travel bloggers, they’re not simply doing it for fun—this also happens to be their job so it’s natural they travel more than regular people.

Realistic Goals

If you’re feeling travel envy because you can’t afford expensive international flights and fancy hotels, it’s time to set realistic goals for yourself. Travel within your means, explore your local surroundings, and save for budget-friendly trips instead of trying to do what everyone else is.

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