Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Summer Pool Party

Pool parties are genuinely one of the best things about summer, helping us cool down while having an awesome time with friends. If you’re planning on hosting one, here are the top tips to make your pool party the highlight of everyone’s summer.

Pool Décor

Think colorful floats, string lights, and fun inflatables. You can also throw in some beach balls and pool noodles to enhance the vibes. Your pool area is bound to look Insta-ready in no time.

Matching Playlist

A pool party isn’t complete without the right tunes. As the host, it’s your duty to curate a playlist with summer hits that keep the vibes going—so don’t mess it up.

Refreshing Drinks

Keep your guests hydrated with a mix of mocktails and cocktails. Think fruity, icy, and colorful. Don’t forget a big cooler filled with water and sodas to keep everyone refreshed.

The Snacks

Finger foods are a pool party must. Opt for easy-to-eat options like sliders, fruit skewers, chips, and guacamole. And if you manage to make them pretty and summer-themed, all the better.

Fun and Games

Last but not least, incorporate some fun pool games like volleyball, water polo, and float races. And if you’re really aiming for ‘host of the year,’ have some prizes ready for the winners to encourage friendly competition.

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