How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Car?

If you’re someone who takes great pride in their possessions, then you probably want to ensure that your car remains spotless. After all, it’s one of the first things passers-by see in your driveway. Here’s how often you should actually wash your car to attain maximum results.

Cleaning The Interior

Vacuuming your interior and picking up garbage is always good to do on a regular basis. Also, when you bring things into your car, take care to remove litter afterwards to make cleaning easier. When it comes to detailing the interior with cleaning products, a seasonal cleanout should be good enough.

Washing The Exterior

Try to wash the exterior of your car at least once a month in order to prevent a grime buildup. In the winter, it’s recommended to clean your car more regularly, however, as weather conditions including snow and sludge can dirty it more.

Best Time To Wash Your Car

Wash your car early in the morning or at dusk. This is because if you wash it in the heat of the day, the sun can cause your cleaning products to dry up quickly and leave behind a filming residue. Washing your car at any point on a cloudy day also works.

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