Three Types of Men on Valentines Day

If you’re a man in a relationship, you must know that Valentine’s day is coming up pretty quickly. Whether you are reminded of the holiday because of all the heart shaped boxes in the stores or because your significant other keeps on dropping not so subtle hints, you just know. Some men are equally as excited as their significant other to partake in all of the valentines day festivities. Others aren’t as excited and only participate in the holiday to appease their loved one. Here are three types of men on Valentines day.

The one who genuinely enjoys it: Some men can most definitely match or beat the enthusiasm of their significant other when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. These guys are the ones who can’t wait to spend some special time with their loved one and pamper them. They also probably expect some pampering in return. These men are romantics who enjoy going out to a nice dinner or just enjoying an ordered in pizza with their partner while watching movies on Valentine’s Day. They may even find a really creative and thoughtful date night idea to impress their loved one.

The one who feels obligated: This man is one whose significant other is much more interested in Valentine’s Day and all of the traditions that go along with celebrating it. He also has probably booked a decently expensive restaurant reservation and purchased the basic chocolate, roses, and jewelry as a present. He doesn’t put too much extra thought into celebrating and respectfully puts up with all of the cute selfies that he will be forced to take with his partner throughout the day.

The one who absolutely hates it: Some people just hate Valentine’s day. Even if these men are in happy relationships, they just don’t get the point of celebrating a day of love. They may grudgingly participate in some sort of Valentine’s day activities to appease their friends or significant others but they typically won’t enjoy it. If you see one of your friends who you know hates Valentine’s Day at a love-themed party, maybe don’t try to put a pink party hat on them.

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