This Tik Tok Debate is Leaving Us All Divided

The newest debate on Tik Tok is about nails. More specifically, which nail color will attract more men—red nails or any other color? The ‘red nail theory’ was actually spoken about earlier this year and was first brought up by GirlBossTown, where she posted about when she wore red nail polish she was hit on by more guys. Her theory is that she thought guys were attracted to red nails as they reminded them of their moms.

The other theory is that red equals passion and love, and is more attention-grabbing than another basic shade. This theory has been taken to heart by many TikTok creators who are painting their nails red and documenting their results.

Many celebrities and icons have worn vibrant reds on their nails, influencing others to try and find the same shade. Red nails are considered elegant and a great color to use in between the seasons, when summer colors are too light and bright and you can’t face a dark winter color.

Whether or not you totally agree with the ‘red nail theory’ if you are looking for love this winter season, why not paint your nails a glorious shade of red and see what happens.

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