This is Your Sign to Try Seasonal Eating

Each season, nature gifts us a whole bunch of new fruits and veggies. Think of it kind of like your own personal gift basket from Mother Nature’s grocery list. Cooking with and eating what’s in season has loads of benefits—these are just a few. 

It Doesn’t Get Fresher

When produce is in season, it is at its best. All conditions are right for that pumpkin to grow as big as it can, and for those strawberries to be their sweetest. Suffice it to say, fruit and veggies are their freshest when in season.

Pocket Friendly

Produce is actually way more affordable when it’s in season. Why? Well, it doesn’t have to be transported from anywhere and it doesn’t have to be stored. All that saves money, meaning it’s cheaper for you at the end of the day. 

Support Local

Stuff that is grown locally is often way healthier and tastier than produce that is mass grown. A lot more care is taken by local farmers, and they don’t usually use pesticides or other chemicals on their plants.

Embrace Variety

If you easily get tired of the same recipes, seasonal eating will help out. Basing your meals on what’s in season at the time will keep your menu just as fresh. 

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