This Fringe Hack is Totally Awesome

Girls with bangs, this one is for you! There are many, many hacks found on social media that should not be tried (we’re looking at you, lube primer), but this one might just be genius. 

As anyone who has ever cut a fringe knows, having one is a commitment. It requires frequent trimming, often needs to be styled, and can be totally annoying when it doesn’t do what you want it to.

On windy days, bangs definitely find themselves in the last category. A strong gust will blow your hair right off your face and leave the strands standing at the most bizarre angles. The chances of this happening are higher, depending on how wispy your fringe is. 

However, there is a new method that can help you defy the elements: eyelash glue. 

Before raising an eyebrow so high that it disappears under that hair, hear us out. Applying a bit of eyelash glue to the tips of your bangs to keep them in place is actually a trick that has been used on the red carpet for years. 

So how is it done?

First, make sure you’re using clear glue to disguise what you’re doing. The last thing you want is for someone to ask what is that black mark on your face. 

Apply a very little amount to the strands using the applicator brush and gently press the hair to your forehead. Pressing too hard will result in a much more difficult removal that could end up damaging your locks. 

It is also important to remove all traces of glue from the hair as it can harden and become super hard to wash out. 

You and your bangs are now ready to face the elements. Bring it on!

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