These Side Plank Variations Will Target More Than Your Core

Utthita Vasisthasana is one of the most common poses in yoga. We probably all know it better as side planking. The position is an excellent way to work multiple muscles in your body, specifically your core. If you want to target even more areas, try these variations on the classic. 

Side Plank Lift

Lie on your right side on the mat, propping yourself up on your forearm. Your shoulder should be over your elbow. Extend your legs and place your left foot on top of your right. By pushing into your right foot and elbow, lift your hips to form a straight line from head to toe. Slightly lower your hips towards the floor, but avoid shrugging your shoulder. Then, lift your hips up as high as you can. That’s one rep down.

Side Plank Leg Lift

While in the side plank position, place your top hand on your hip. Keep your hips straight above the ground and lift the top leg to form an open-scissor position. Slowly lower the leg to tap the other. That counts as one rep.

Elbow Side Plank Rotation

Get into a side plank position with your top hand behind your head. Exhale and rotate your shoulder and ribs toward the floor while keeping your hips and knees pointing forward. Hold for a moment before twisting further and pulling your navel in toward your spine. Slowly rotate your chest back to the initial position. This is one rep.

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