These Perfume Scents are Perfect for Summer

With summer fast approaching, the time has come to pick a new perfume scent that is sure to match the warm weather. From visiting the beach to going for sundowner drinks overlooking the sunset, here are the perfect perfume scents for summer.


Lightweight and fruity scents such as grapefruit, lemon, and orange will help you feel uplifted and jubilant in the summer heat. If you’re feeling daring, bright scents such as mandarin and lemon are very complementary to jasmine and neroli.


Just because you haven’t been to the beach doesn’t mean that you can’t smell like it. Coconut will give you a tropical scent that is creamy and soothing. This sweet scent is perfect for embracing your femininity.


This fragrance is versatile, changing its effects depending on how you hone it. Watery sandalwood can create a fresh, warm scent during the summertime, adding either a masculine or feminine scent to fragrances depending on the composition of the specific perfume.


Another tropical fragrance that will remind you of island getaways is hibiscus. This floral perfume is not only perfect for rejuvenating your skin but also for clothing. After applying hibiscus to your body, spray some on your shirt as well to keep you smelling fresher for longer. What’s more, hibiscus is great at hiding the smell of perspiration.

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