The “Vanilla Girl” Aesthetic: TikTok’s Newest Trend

Who would’ve thought that “aesthetics” would come so far on TikTok–to the point where it influences everything from someone’s fashion, lifestyle, and makeup looks? It feels like the “clean girl aesthetic” has reigned TikTok for a while now, so it’s only natural that a new look would come into the limelight. This time, the “vanilla girl aesthetic” is the winner. It seems like every girl on TikTok is recreating some version of this look, and it is totally trending now!

So, What is the Vanilla Girl Aesthetic?

Essentially, the vanilla girl aesthetic embodies all of the colors and coziness one associates with vanilla. We’re talking cream or light neutral colors, big cozy sweaters, and minimalist fashion. If you love knitwear and winter fashion, this is the aesthetic for you. 

This trend also emulates the clean girl aesthetic that is beloved by so many, with minimal makeup and sleek hairstyles. With more focus on naturally glowing skin and some color for your cheeks and lips, it encourages people to wear less makeup and embrace their natural beauty. If you want to be a vanilla girl all you have to do is throw on a comfy cream sweater, a glowy tinted moisturizer or serum, and a bit of lip gloss! Bonus points if you slouch your sweater down one shoulder!

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