The Travel Bug Has Officially Taken Over Again

Over the last couple of decades, traveling has risen in popularity more than ever seen before in history. What with the advent of smartphones with stellar cameras, and social media offering users the luxury of sharing their brilliant photos with the world, people have not only seen what they’re missing, but now crave to visit destinations themselves and show others what they’re missing as well.

But then COVID-19 hit and there was a pervasive lull in the travel industry. While the pandemic status has seemingly shifted from “raging” to “still there but less intense”, boundaries have been lifted and now the travel bug is at it again.

Bigger Than Before

We believe that not only is the travel bug back, but it’s also bigger than ever before. First of all, well-seasoned travelers are trying to make up for all the traveling they missed.

But there’s another group of people who are joining the club: people who became wannabe travelers during the pandemic. COVID-19 made people change in interesting ways. With the incessant lockdowns, some people who weren’t necessarily travelers before turned into fully-fledged adventurers.

As a result, now we have a travel trend that’s more popular than ever. People have been bored locked in their homes for way too long—and now they’re ready to explore.

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