The Three Types Of Love

February is right around the corner. And with February, comes Valentines day. Seriously, all of the stores have already started stocking up on heart shaped candy boxes to display all across the store. Valentines day can either be the most anticipated date of the year or it can be there most dreaded.

Those who are constantly in relationships look forward to spending the holiday with their loved one, going out to dinner, exchanging presents, and posting about all of it on social media.

The celebration of love has been sort of made gimmicky and often, the true feelings of love are overshadowed by the need to be as elaborate with gifts, Facebook posts, and other things. With Valentines day fast  approaching, it is important to remember that the holiday is, in fact, there to celebrate love, and not just show it off to people.

There are three forms of love. Eros, Philos, and Agape all illustrate a different point on the spectrum.

Agape is “total love”. In other words, it is a completely devouring and all encompassing love. This is the love of giving, even when you don’t get what you give in return. This type of love makes one more godly, mature, and a better person.

Then, there is Eros. Eros is a need based love. Physical attraction is found within this category of love- no wonder the word erotic stems from Eros.

Lastly, there is Phileo love. This is the companionship type of love. This type of love is commonly found between very close best friends and people who spend a lot of time together.

All of these forms of love should remind everyone to focus on the emotion of love itself, and not keeping up the appearance of being in love, especially on holidays like Valentine’s day.

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