The New American Girl Doll Thats Changing The Game

If you are a female who has grown up in the United States, odds are you have heard about the American Girl Doll franchise. These dolls can be personalized to match the appearance of many different types of little girls and their own personal styles that make them unique. American Girl Dolls also have pre-set characters, or dolls, that have a name, a story, and different interests.

The newest American Girl Doll, Luciana Vega, is not only an adorable new addition to the collection, but is breaking the boundaries in a variety of different ways. For one, Luciana is an 11 year old Chilean- American girl. In a time where there is racial tension in the United States surrounding hispanics due to recent political actions, it is amazing that American Girl Dolls decided to create their newest addition as a hispanic American.

Not only that, but Luciana is also an aspiring astronaut whose goal is to be the first person to walk on Mars. She promotes an interest among young girls for technology, engineering, math, and science and is a representative of what NASA likes to call girls like Luciana, the “Mars Generation”.

The American Girl Doll company clearly hit the mark on not only emphasizing the importance of including hispanic American girls into the mix, but also promoting how smart and interested in STEM Luciana is. This action proves to little girls that no matter what they identify as, that they have the opportunity and right to pursue their dreams and that they are smart and capable of changing the world.

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