The Real Culprit Behind Over-Snacking

If you’re someone who constantly struggles with overeating snacks, you’re far from alone. In fact, it’s incredibly common for most people to feel compelled to pick up their go-to snack in moments “they feel they shouldn’t”, especially in the late afternoon hours of the day. If you do this, the last thing you should feel is bad about yourself. Here’s the real culprit for why you have such trouble with this.

Too Long of a Break

Most people eat lunch at around 12 or 1, because that’s when they feel naturally hungry after eating a breakfast a few hours prior to that. So if there’s a three or four hour break between breakfast and lunch, why is it the norm that there’s usually a five, six, or even seven hour break between lunch and dinner?

This, we believe, is a systemic issue that causes people to over-snack between lunch and dinner. The break is simply too long for people to not be eating. For whatever reason, this is what society deemed correct at some point in the early days of the world. So if you’re someone who finds yourself eating a lot in those periods of time, know what you’re up against—so you can begin to adapt accordingly. Heck, maybe early dinners should start becoming a thing.

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