The Best Workout For People Who Hate Working Out

If you’re one of those people that absolutely hates running, or going to the gym, but you really want to start prioritizing your physical health, there might just be a solution for you! Oftentimes, the reason you hate these traditional exercises is because all you can do is focus on how much you don’t want to be there, or how much you can’t breathe. Luckily, there is a workout that truly makes you forget that you’re even exercising!

Yes, we’re talking about dance workouts. Cardio may be tough, but it doesn’t have to be boring! As you dance along to these dance workouts, you’ll get your heart rate up very quickly (and yes, you’ll probably get pretty sweaty!). With so many different YouTube channels posting dance party workouts, we just know you’ll be able to find the right song or playlist to match your vibe. 

If you really struggle to stay motivated, you can even follow along to these videos with a friend. It will feel even less like a formal workout and more like a real dance party with your bestie! If you decide to do it together a certain number of times per week or month, you can hold each other accountable and reach your fitness goals.

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