The Key To Sticking To Your Goals

Whether your goals are New Year’s Resolutions or simply something you want to change about your life at any point of the year, sticking to it is really tricky. It’s easy to say the things you want to do differently in the future, but actually creating that change presents a great challenge. Saying and doing are two totally different beasts, but there is a key to sticking to your goals.

Focus on the Small Changes

Listen, of course it would be great if we could suddenly change every single thing we don’t like about our lives, but that’s not how our brains work. We need to slowly rewire our brains to start thinking differently so that we can start acting differently AND we have to start acting differently so that we can start thinking differently. It’s a two way street and it can get difficult, which is why you need to be realistic.

Being realistic means making small changes everyday to get closer to the life you want, rather than trying to change everything all at once. Our mind rejects radical change because it’s not warmed up for a completely new lifestyle. So instead, you must make small incremental changes that you feel comfortable doing each day. It’s really that simple. If you make your goals manageable and realistic, we have no doubt you’ll keep them!

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