The Italian Manicure is What We’re Asking Our Manicurist for Next

For decades, the French have had a monopoly when it comes to nails. French manicures are considered to be the most classic of styles, with the natural nail base and white tip exuding elegance and going with every outfit. While it is unlikely that French manicures will ever go out of style, there is a new European country that has joined the fold: the Italian manicure.

The Italian manicure is based on a method that nail technician, Alexandra Teleki, first saw in Milan. So what exactly is it?

Because French manicures include a painted tip which can sometimes take up a third of the nail, the look does not always suit those with shorter, stubbier talons. And that is where the Italian manicure—or Mediterranean manicure as it is also known—comes in!

The technique involves using acetone to leave a thin gap between the polish and the cuticle on either side to create the illusion of a more slender, elongated nail bed. The effect can be used with a solid color or colored tips and works best on short nails. Better still, your nails can be shaped square, round, or squoval (square-oval)—the method will work on all. 

The result? Bellissima!

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