Sydney Sweeney Reveals Her Skincare Secrets

As one of Euphoria’s lead actresses, Sydney Sweeney is required to wear a lot of makeup on set. Like the other students at the fictional East Highland high school, her character, Cassie, is always on trend with snatched skin and bright, colorful eye makeup. 

Off-screen, however, the actress had to deal with cystic acne growing up and hair that gets oily far quicker than she’d like. In other words, issues that many of us have experienced. So how does the 23-year-old actress combat her skin struggles, especially when her job involves cameras being all up in her business?

“When I’m filming I tend to exfoliate more,” she revealed to Glamour. “I’m wearing so much more makeup, especially on Euphoria. My skin does tend to ‘eat’ makeup, which is weird, so I exfoliate more and make sure I’m drinking more water.”

Because she has combination skin, Sweeney says, “If I don’t exfoliate the dry skin off, then my makeup will sit weird on my face, and my face will break out — I get really bad cystic acne.”

There are certain products that The White Lotus star swears by including Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel, Caudalie VinoClean Deep Cleansing Exfoliator, and Neosporin antibiotic ointment to prevent acne scars. 

“I think that for skin care, it’s such a personalized journey. You can never compare yourself to anyone else.”

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