The Best “Emily in Paris” Outfits of Season 3 

After much anticipation, Emily in Paris is back for its third season. With the new season picking up exactly where Season two ended, there are bound to be a lot more love triangles, drama, and of course, fashion. Whether you are up to date on the drama or not, these were the best outfits of Season 3.

Colorful Blazer 

Throughout the season, Emily has stepped up her fashion game and has taken her colorful ensembles to the next level. Emily does this seamlessly in a loud multi-colored blazer. The color adds to her playful and fun side of Emily, and we are here for it. 

Cher Horowitz Moment 

Emily wore a houndstooth blazer, and the look is giving Cher Horowitz. What’s not to love about this whole look? This outfit is the perfect combination of business chic and nostalgia because who doesn’t love a Clueless moment? 

A Little Skin 

When it comes to showing a little skin, Emily knows how to pull it off with tasteful wear. In Season 3, she executes it perfectly in a gingham bralette and an embellished blazer. Yet another reason why we love Emily’s style and how she is a fashion icon. 

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