A Special Package for a Super Fan Was Hand-Delivered By Taylor Swift

The Singer of “Look, What you made me do”, 27, surprised the British fan Lara when the Grammy winner joined her live show, which was recorded by a friend last week.

When Lara found out who was watching, she was surprised because she did not know there was more to come. Taylor Swift could have met her biggest fan yet and realized one of her biggest surprises during her time.

Lara shouted surprisingly “Oh my god, I love you so much, oh my god” and continued to express his gratitude to Swift with tears and saying, “I have to thank you for everything, really made my life a lot better.”

Lara revealed on Wednesday in a post that Taylor Swift had personally visited her. No doubt she has done much more than just send a gift, Swift herself would deliver the package.

“Thursday, last week, Taylor Nation gave me DM,” she said. “They said Taylor would send me a parcel, I’m very grateful to Taylor Alison Swift.”
Lara could also enjoy the new Swift Lifestyle app she announced on Wednesday. “The Swift Life” is a mix of several social media platforms with news and updates about the singer. The singer gave her young fan a picture and the singer of “Shake It Off” gave T-shirts and sweatshirts from her reputation line.

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