Stay On-Trend, Because Uggs Are Back

Thanks to the likes of Bella Hadid, Uggs are officially back in style, and some people have mixed feelings about the trend. Whether you’re in high school or walking down Fifth Avenue, everyone has hopped on board the Uggs train. Here are our favorite three ways to jump on the trend.

Casual Jeans and Tee 

Denim with a cute tee is a foolproof way to build an outfit. Pair your Uggs with a jeans and tee combo with white socks. Take it a step further and add layers such as a flannel, jacket, scarf, or coat to create a more purposeful look. 

Business Casual 

This trend is great for a business casual look. There are a few ways you can style your boots to create this cool-girl trend. This trend can be executed in two ways: wearing wide-legged trousers and a sweater or rocking this trend with a blazer. Blazers have been at the forefront of fashion this year. 

Keep It Neutral 

A simple monochrome or neutrally balanced look is another perfect way to style your Uggs. This look is the ideal way to style your Uggs, especially if you have them in the Chestnut color. A monochrome look gives off the impression of being coordinated and comfy yet sophisticated and put together. 

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