Socks with Heels

Fashionistas seem to have a talent of getting away with trends that might seem weird and over the top to most of us. While there are some trends that should have never seen daylight, there are others that are actually pretty cool and hard to pull off. Socks with heels is a prime example of a trend that some celebrities have rocked and we can’t understand how. Don’t worry, you won’t look like yourself at 5 years old trying on your mom’s heels in her closet – in fact, you will be surprised by how cool and easy this trend is to pull off. We know jumping into trends worn by the celebs is daunting, but we have some tips to help you get away with this crazy trend, because you know you want to try it out.


  1. A thinner, dressier sock is the best way to make this look work out for you. Glittery or embellished socks are gorgeous with silver heels and make this look way more fancy and dressy than you might expect.

  2. Fishnet socks are super fun and sexy and add a cool and edgy feeling to any outfit. Pairing these socks with a more girly top or sundress gives the perfect balance between cute and cool.

  3. Jump into the look strong! Wear a dress with a bright contrasting color knee sock. You got this.

  4. Still not convinced this look is for you? Start off slowly by working it with an ankle boot first. A sliver of sock will add that little extra bling that will make your outfit that much better.

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