5 Food Ingredients That Can Double As Skincare Products

If you want deliciously smooth food, then you might want to look at the ingredients you use to cook delicious meals. That’s right; you could have perfectly good skincare products lurking in the cabinets of your kitchen. Maybe you’re looking to improve the health of your skin without spending your hard earned cash on expensive products from the stores, or maybe you’re looking for unique and all natural alternatives for taking care of your skin. Either way, we have some useful and creative suggestions for how you can turn innocent food products into the ingredients for healthier skin.

But before we move on, please note that not all of these products are right for every individual. Only apply products to your skin if you are confident that you aren’t allergic.


Avocados aren’t just for toast anymore; they can also be applied to your skin to help moisturize it. Just extract the green meat from inside the avocado, grind it into a paste, and apply it to your skin. You can also mix the avocado with additional products like coconut butter and honey for additional benefits.

Greek Yogurt

Another affordable and delicious face mask option is greek yogurt. The active ingredient here is lactic acid, which is something you’ll find in a large variety of over-the-counter skin care products. By slathering your face with greek yogurt, you can exfoliate your skin, helping to fight signs of aging. It’s also a great way to moisturize your skin.

Coconut Oil

Our third face mask product comes from the humble coconut. By applying butter extracted from this tropical fruit you can moisturize your skin while killing bacteria and fungus. It can also be applied to your hair to give it some extra moisture and make it smell positively scrumptious.


You’ve probably seen people with cucumbers over their eyes on TV shows and movies, but you should know that it isn’t just a fiction trope, avocado masks can be a great way to freshen up your eyes. Cucumbers contain what are known as ascorbic acids that help lower your skin’s natural level of water absorption. Put some cucumber slices over your eyes, and they will help fight red and swollen eyes, returning them to their natural and healthy-looking state.


This breakfast food can make for an excellent exfoliating scrub with a little bit of processing. You don’t want to rub it on your skin right out of the container, grind it first so that it is the proper consistency. You should also mix it in with coconut oil or raw honey for an extra level of moisturization and deliciousness!

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