Single For Valentines Day? Do This

Valentine’s Day is coming around very soon. Your roommate has already disclosed the incredible date that she has planned with her boyfriend to celebrate the holiday. Your best friend is going out of town to visit the guy that she has been talking to for months, and all of a sudden, you realize that you are single, on Valentine’s Day, without any fun plans to distract you from all of the mushy PDA and overly affectionate atmosphere that you will undoubtedly encounter as soon as you walk outside.

Have no fear, as you have every right to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself alone on Valentines day, take it as a day to love yourself. Buy a face mask, a bath bomb, a new nail color, and have a relaxing day. If you have single friends, a spa day could be a super fun way to hangout of Valentine’s Day without feeling like you are alone.

Another way to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day is to get a blowout, purchase a massage package, or treat yourself to a meal from your favorite restaurant or buy your favorite dessert and eat it all. Couples aren’t the only ones who deserve to go out for a nice meal on Valentine’s Day. And lastly, if you have a large amount of friends who are single as well, hosting a Galentine’s day with champagne, a romantic movie, yummy food, and good conversation can be one of the most fun excuses to get together with all of your girlfriends.

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