Should You Follow Influencers on Social Media?

One of the most interesting new aspects of our modern culture is the idea that an average person off the street can start their own social media page, and within weeks can become a pseudo-celebrity. This is obviously a more extreme example, but the core idea rings true. There are countless individuals who have become “influencers”, sharing their talents, beliefs, and visions with followers all across the world. But should you follow them?

Are They Providing a Service?

The first thing you should ask yourself is, “Is this person I’m following providing me with a service?” Perhaps they’re a chef, musician, or fitness guru, and they’re constantly giving out tips that improve your life. In this case, we think it’s a great idea to follow them.

Otherwise… Tread Lightly

If they’re not providing a service, and you’re just following them because you think they’re cool—that’s also fine! However, we’d just like to add that it’s important to maintain a little balance in these scenarios. Similar to the way we idolize celebrities, we can also raise influencers onto a pedestal to a point where it’s unhealthy. If you’re constantly waiting on bended knee for their next video, it’s probably best to take a few steps back. You have a life to live, and the influencers you follow wouldn’t want you to ignore it for their sake.

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