Remember This When Learning a New Instrument

There’s nothing more exciting than picking up a new instrument for the first time and realizing that you want to learn it. Learning a new instrument is one of the hardest things you can do, but it can also be super easy if you have the right attitude. The question is, what is the right attitude? Here’s something you should always remember when learning a new instrument.

More than anything, you should be enjoying yourself. It’s a myth that you can only start enjoying your instrument “after you become good.” This is simply not true, and that’s because there are all kinds of ways you can make beautiful sounds come out of your instrument even at the beginner level.

Some say that you should take it slow in the beginning, but that’s not necessarily a requirement. Sure, it’s good not to burn yourself out—but if you’re loving every minute of it, then there’s nothing wrong with practicing for multiple hours every single day. There are many rules to music, but there are also no rules at the same time.

Everyone’s path is different—but you’re a lot more likely to succeed if you develop a love for music. This can be done by finding ways to enjoy your instrument, even at the simplest of levels.

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