Love Your Lashes With These Tips for Taking Care of Them

If eyes are the windows to the soul, lashes are the curtains that frame them. The purpose of eyelashes is actually to prevent dust and dirt from getting into your eyes, but they have become an essential element of the make-up routine. Be they long or short, flat or fine, there is a mascara on the market to help your lashes reach as high as your dreams! The little hairs are delicate—as is the area they surround—so make sure to take care of them using these tips. 

Lash Curlers

The steel contraptions may resemble a torture device from the Middle Ages, but eyelashes curlers can help your lashes achieve a sexy swoop. When using a curler, it is important to be gentle as too much pressure can leave your lashes damaged. Heated curlers can also result in breakage if used too often. 

Lash Extensions

Of course, not everyone wants to bother with make-up, making ash extensions an extremely popular alternative. Whether it’s the kind that can be done yourself, or those that involve each lash being stuck on individually, extensions are the easiest way to achieve full-on flutter. Applying lash glue over an extended period of time can cause irritation to the area, so remember to give your lash line a breather. It’s also important to cleanse the extensions regularly to avoid bacteria getting too comfortable. 


Most make-up has a shelf-life of six to 12 months from opening, but mascara is even less. Tubes can become an incubator for bacteria to fester, so it’s a good idea to swap out your make-up regularity by throwing away items that are past their sell-by date. It’s a fantastic excuse to stock up on new make-up!

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