Personalized Luggage Comes With a Long List of Benefits That Never Crossed Your Mind

From chic suitcase tags and retro stickers to colorful suitcase covers, the list of ways to personalize your luggage is pretty much endless. In addition to looking pretty cute, personalized luggage comes with a long list of practical benefits that have nothing to do with its visual appeal.

Securing Your Luggage

Most of the things you’re using to personalize your luggage are primarily used for decoration, but it’s not the case with all of them. Suitcase straps can do a great job securing your suitcase because they’ll stop it from getting unzipped, while waterproof covers can protect it from rain and snow.

Finding Lost Luggage

Luggage tags also have a pretty practical purpose—you can use them to write down all the necessary information if your suitcase gets lost. The airline most likely already has this information, but you can still wear a tag for double safety. Your personalized luggage, in general, will be easier to spot if it’s lost or stolen.

Saving Time

One of the best things about using personalized luggage is that you’ll be the first person to spot it on the baggage carousel. In the sea of good old black suitcases, your colorful luggage will immediately stand out, and you won’t have to wait forever to pick it up.

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