New Years’ Eve Nail Trends You Need to Know About

New Year’s Eve is literally days away, which means it is time for you to book your manicure for this special night. When you think of NYE, you tend to think of glitter and sparkle, so you will want to make sure your nail design will complement that aesthetic. Here are five nail trends for you to try to end 2022 with a bang and shimmer.

Black and Silver

You can’t go wrong with black nail polish and adding some silver gives them that extra pop to catch the eyes of everyone around you. The look is both fun and versatile, and will easily match every outfit.

Chrome French Tips

The classic French manicure has been updated and now you can make your French tip any color on top of a nude base. These chrome French tips are becoming a favorite in most manicure salons, giving your nails some extra shine without being too overwhelming.

Rhinestone Embellished

If you want to stand out this NYE then look no further than the rhinestone embellished manicure. They are so stunning—just need to wear a simple black dress and let your nails do the talking.

Holographic Glitter Nails

You don’t even need a manicurist for this trend—find a color you like at your local drug store, paint on three layers, and add a shiny top coat. You’ll be ready to hit the town in no time.

Star Nails

This is another do-it-yourself trend, with the help of nail stickers. Just paint your nails with a neutral base, leave them to dry, and then add some tiny stars and gems for a look guaranteed to make you shine all night.

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