Lydia Okello Has All the Fashion & Lifestyle Inspo You Need


Looking for some fresh fashion and lifestyle inspiration? Lydia Okello, or better known by their Insta handle @styleisstyle, is a model, writer and digital creator with a platform full of joy, honest insights and of course, style!

Style Icon

A champion of sustainable, ethical, and size-inclusive fashion, Lydia Okello is an influencer with a difference. Follow their account for bold block colors, androgynous style and some seriously stunning swimwear!

Life in Vancouver

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Lydia also shares a lot about their life in beautiful B.C. From where to find the best Thai food to snowy weekend getaways and beyond, they always provide fun and honest recommendations and insights. Read their take on Vancouver’s coolest hidden gems here.

Representation Matters

As a black, non-binary person, Lydia is doing amazing work for representation and diversity in the fashion world. They have written for Vogue about their journey to body confidence and is a vocal advocate for size-inclusive fashion and fat liberation.

Miriam is a food enthusiast who enjoys cooking (and eating) delicious dishes. She loves nature, history, and art. In her free time, you can find her swimming in the sea, lazing in cafes, or cooking up a storm.