Little Ways to Save Money You May Not Have Thought Of

With the prices of just about everything going up, everyone is doing their best to save some money here and there. It would be insanity to give up all our little luxuries, but here are some handy hacks to spare a buck or two. 

Thrifting and Flipping

If you’re a lover of vintage items and have a good eye, you can use thrifting to your advantage. Go on the hunt for “gently used” items from good quality brands at yard sales (or in your grandma’s closet—with permission, of course!) and sell them to your favorite thrift store. The shop will usually give you store credit which you can then use for a new wardrobe.

Soap Bar Over Body Wash

Does it feel like your body wash always runs out so quickly? Us too. Try switching to a bar of soap instead. Whereas a bottle of shower gel will typically last a month and cost around $3-5, you can get about eight bars for the same amount that will last you six months.

Get Groceries Delivered

There are two kinds of people, those who can stick to a shopping list and those who can’t. If you’re the latter, rather get your groceries delivered to avoid temptation when going to the store.

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