Increase Your Flexibility With These Stretches

We’re all guilty of sitting at our desks too much. While it may work for our bank balances, it’s not as great for our bodies. Continuously sitting in the same position—and looking down at the screen—can leave muscles feeling tight, which is the opposite of what we want. Here are four stretches to ease up.  

Neck and Spine

This one can actually be performed at your desk as long as you keep your hips and pelvis facing forward and don’t move your lower body. But definitely get on the floor, if you can. Sit cross-legged and slowly rotate to one side to look behind you. You should be able to see 180 degrees, but that can be limited if there is a lot of tension in your neck. Do the stretch a few times a day to loosen up.


Start by standing with your feet together and your arms down by your side. Then, bring your hands behind your back and aim to grab the opposite forearm. Touching elbows is what we’re aiming for. Try broadening your chest as you perform the stretch, or pushing your chest forward while keeping your abs tight and posture straight.


Lie on your back, with your left foot on the ground and right ankle resting gently on top of your left knee. Lift the left leg up off the ground and try to reach for your hamstring or shin, bringing it in closer to your chest. You want to feel tension on the outside of your right hip, but not pain. 


Lie on your back with your legs straight out. Lift one leg up into the air, then see how far you can reach up your leg while keeping your back and head on the floor. Being able to touch your shins is a good start, then work towards reaching your toes.

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