Light Up Your Home With These Luxury Candles

It doesn’t matter if your living room is messy, or your bathtub needs cleaning. The scent of a beautiful candle will calm you down and make you feel happy to be at home. Sometimes you need to splurge on an expensive luxury candle as the smell alone is worth it. Here are some of the nicest luxury candles you need to buy for your home.


A company that is more known for its mattresses and bedding has a lovely variety of candles that smell luxurious but cost a quarter of the price. With the use of spices and scents to make your home smell stunning, these candles are a must.

Better World Fragrance House

Who knew that the rapper Drake now has a line of candles? Well, if you are in the know, I am sure you will want to try these candles. There are five amazing scents to choose from, and are made to be lit up, cuddling with your loved one next to a burning fire.

Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse fragrances specialize in scents for you and your home. There are candles, bath and body creams, diffusers, and even scents for your car. They are all made locally by hand to make sure that you receive the best quality product.


Homesick makes candles that smell like different cities, states, countries, and even activities. They are made to remind you of vacations and fun times and all smell delicious.

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